December 09, 2023

History of Alegria


History of Alegria, Surigal del Norte

Alegria LGU Logo, Surigao del NorteAlegria was originally known as Sitio Anahaw founded by Pablo Ugay, Ciriaco Efren, Vicente Ugay, Agripino Murcilla, Pio Odvina, Bernardo Orquina, Fermin Odchimar who among others migrated from the Municipality of Bacuag, Surigao del Norte. Because of her location, near Lake Mainit, it was always over- flooded during rainy season prompting the people to transfer to a safer place now known as Poblacion Alegria.

The name Alegria was derived from the Spanish word “Alegre” which means lively. This was given by Judge Sixto Olga who happened to pass the night in the place. He was offered by the residents with party and dance. Amused by the affair, Judge Olga advised the people to change the name Anahaw to “ Alegria”.

By virtue of Republic Act No. 5239 dated June 15, 1968, Alegria was separated from the town of Mainit, thereby making it as independent municipality.

Tomas V. Cosca, an Ilongo of Pilar, Capiz, was the first Mayor of Alegria from 1968 – 1971. He was succeeded by a Boholano Francisco M. Bagol who reigned this town from 1971 to December 1979. An ex-veteran of USAFFE, Pedro A. Umipig of Ilocano origin, became the third Chief Executive of Alegria. He served from 1980 up to 1984 only due to his failing health that caused him to retire early. By virtue of the law of succession, Vice – Mayor Ricardo R. Escalante took over as Mayor until the upshot of Edsa Revolution in 1986. On April, 1986, the Revolutionary Government of President Corazon C. Aquino installed Ruben O. Zamora as Officer– In–Charge in the local government of Alegria. Zamora governed for 12 consecutive years until he retired after completing the 3 consecutive terms, (1986-1998) as mandated by RA 7160. From July, 1998 up to June 30, 2007 Dr. Jesie U. Aguilera, the second local chief executive in the history of politics that graduated and finished her 3 consecutive terms also. There were development efforts during her administration but not enough for the LGU to neither compete nor be of equal footing with other local government units in the province. At least she started to adopt the computerization program but sad to say that we are not yet linked or having on line services with local offices and likewise, to national government agencies.

Today, Alegria is honored to have a brilliant, dedicated, a religious leader and dynamic Local Chief Executive in the person of Hon. Mayor Dominador G. Esma, Jr. An experience fellow in family business and in private sector, his dreams and aspirations is to uplift the position of the LGU to be true partners of progress and development among different sectors and stakeholders of the community towards efficient delivery of basic services, improved resource and financial system and a transparent governance.

Article Source: Municipality of Alegria, Surigao del Norte

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