December 09, 2023

History of Gigaquit


Gigaquit is one of the oldest municipalities in the Province of Surigao del Norte.  It was once the mother municipality of Bacuag and Claver which became separate municipalities in 1918 and 1955 under Executive Order Nos. 61 and 126, respectively.  As borne out of historical writings, Gigaquit was founded in 1850 by a native named Cero who fortified the town and made it safe from MoroHistory of Gigaquit depredations.  About this time, priests from different religious orders christianized the natives and made Saint Agustine, Bishop of Hipo Africa, as their Patron Saint.  The Saint was said to be miraculous since he never failed to protect the people even after the town was raided by Moro pirates where he showed this first miracle by drowning the raiders in a sudden storm.

The municipality got its name from two native words “Gigad” which means shore and “Gakit” meaning a bamboo raft.  This raft was used by early settlers as transportation from the hinterland to the shore.  From what was handed down by word of mouth during the years, the two words were joined and later became “Gigaquit”.


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Photo Source: Municipality of Gigaquit

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