December 05, 2023

History of Barobo


Barobo is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Surigao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines


Barobo lies in the central part of the province of Surigao del Sur. It is located between 8'34'00" and 8'25'00" latitude and 125'59"00 and 126'22'4" longtitude. it is bounded on the north by Lianga Bay and the municipality of Lianga, on the south by the municipality of Tagbina, on the southeast by the municipality of Hinatuan, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, and on the west by the province of Agusan del Sur.

It has total land area of 25, 590 hectars. It is linked by a national road to the provincial capital of Tandag, Surigao del Sur of 103 kilometers and the gateway to the regional center of CARAGA in Butuan City of 107 kilometers.

15, 000 hectars of its total land is used for the tourism industry with declared tourist destinations namely, Turtle Island, Kabgan Island, Vanishing Islet, Pongpong Resort, Pagbutuanan Cave, Bogac Spring, Bito Lagoon, and Dapdap Beach Resorts.


Legend has it that in the beginning, it were the Manobo tribesmen inhabited the area in the central part of Surigao del Sur. It was sometime in the 1930s when five families engaged in fishing landed in the up-end of the river and settled in the area for easy access to the fishing ground. The area became known for its bountiful fish catch that more people form neighboring places came and settled. The landmark was endemic species of tree known as "Barobo" which was plentiful on the site of the settlement. Subsequently, the place became popularly known as Barobo.

Barobo, as the settlement was called, became a barrio under the municipality of Lianga. The creation of the province of Surigao del Sur under R.A. No. 2786, series of June 1960 gave birth to the municipality of Barobo on October 24, 1960 by virtue of Executive Order No. 407 issued by President Carlos P. Garcia. And so, the Municipality of Barobo was carved out like a shape of a cigar pipe from the map of its mother municipality- the municipality of Lianga.


Source: Barobo, Surigao del Sur

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