December 03, 2023

History of Cantilan



History of Cantilan ChurchThe Municipality of Cantilan is located in a coastal area on the eastern part of Mindanao. It is endowed with many beaches and other places of interest, both in the mainland and in the islands. Magnetic views range from grayish sandy, white sand and the nature's beautiful reefs and cliffs. These spectacular spots are want of industrial activity, keeping the waters along the beaches cool, clear, very inviting and interesting for snorkeling and pleasure cruises. The magical colors of the reefs are so enticing.

Brief History

Cantilan existed as a settlement for more than three centuries on the two barrios of Bayoyo (now barangay Mangga, Madrid, Surigao del Sur) and Calagda-an, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur which were then included in the Spanish administration of Tandag as early as 1709. The settlement of Ilihan or Dinayhugan, now Barangay Panikian, Carrascal, Surigao del Sur was also part of Cantilan.

This was the story of the origin of the town of Cantilan. That time, residents often crossed the river to buy fish from a woman named Tilang who lived near the History of Cantilan, Parkcoastline. When the residents were asked where they were going, they replied, "Adto kan Tilang"; and so the place was named as "Cantilang".

The town was later named as Cantilan by the Spaniards during their administration. According to sources, it was created on October 16, 1760 by virtue of the Spanish Royal Decree known as Maura Law. The other source states however, that Fr. Valerio de San Agustin founded Cantilan in 1782 at "Daan Lungsod" the old town which was the settlement in the early 1700's.

On October 15, 1856, a "hurricane from the North which turned over west and south at 4:00 and 10:00 am, increased to such intensity that tidal waves changed the whole town into a sea. For more than two hours waves kept rolling over the town. The result of the catastrophe was that with the exception of one strong house and two camarines, everything was swept away…"

On October 16, 1856, survivors from the tidal waves crossed the Cantilan river and founded a new town we call now as the present Cantilan.

Article Source: Cantilan, Surigao del Sur

Photos Source: Cantilan, Surigao del Sur

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