December 09, 2023

Lots of Pebbles but No Bam Bam


Lots of Pebbles but no BamBam (Apologies to the Flintstones!)

Our famous Mabua Pebble Beach, is about 20 minutes from the centre of Surigao, and is unique. Why? Well, as the name suggests the beach is made up of millions of smooth white pebbles.

If you remember your science from school, you will remember that most beaches are formed through the movement of sediment influenced by the wind, waves and currents. It’s thought that Mabua Pebble Beach was most likely formed by waves that kind of ‘swashed’ and forced the pebbles onto the shore. Then the weaker backwash meant that these stones were left and now make up the shoreline.

These smooth pebbles that make up Mabua Pebble Beach, are all of varying sizes and shapes, but if you look closely, the shape ‘oval’ would be an accurate description of them. Walking barefoot on the smooth stones is both a torture and an art form, if you like. The locals can do it in their bare feet, us poor westerners need a bit of protection. Not because you will cut your feet, but because of the balance issue. Moving pebbles and larger ones don’t allow you to be sure-footed.

According to reflexologists, walking on the pebbles can be therapeutic because of all the reflex points we have in our feet that are connected to our internal organs. Truth be known, I don’t mind laying down on them to sunbathe, which by the way horrifies the locals. Well, we western folk want brown skin and the Filipinos want white skin. Weird, aren’t we? But lying down was not uncomfortable on the back at all. While I wouldn’t call it therapeutic, there was gain and little pain.

Know Before You Go

You can drive to the beach from the city or use the local tricycles. Our Native Garden Apartelle is situated about 75 metres from the water’s edge. If you are staying there we can pick you up in an airconditioned van. The drive itself is right through the Puroks that make up the Mabua district.

You can walk along the beach from our hotel area to the Mt. Bagarabon and then climb the hill (not really a mountain) utilising the 300 steps that are carved into the hillside. It’s always hot here and a refreshing dip in the amazingly clean and clear waters of Butuan Bay / Surigao Strait is well worth the effort. Views from the top are spectacular, once you catch your breath.

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