June 20, 2018

Top 3 Content Curation Tools


Content sells but, there is a catch; you need the right content. You may not match up to site like Buzz Feed at first, but you just need to think in that direction. To get there, carve out time to find, curate, and share the content. With limited time to create relevant content, content curation tools will fast-track the process. This, therefore, means that you need to include this in your digital marketing strategy.

What is content curation? It is the process of filtering through theme-specific content from different online sources in a bid to find the best content you can share with your audience. You have to collect, sort, choose the most relevant data, share insights, and then publish.

The best content curation tools


1. Curata


To curate your blog and share content, you will need Curata. This software discovers, organizes, and shares relevant content for your business. It is smart as it is powered by a natural language processing technology to understand your content’s taste over time. It delivers relevant content automatically. You can filter content from blogs, websites, and social media platforms.


2. Storify


As the name suggests, this tool is all about stories. If you miss storied content, you can use Storify to access it. The software has storied content in summary form. You can use it to get stories from Facebook updates, tweets, or Instagram stories among others.


3. Scoop.it


This tool allows you to follow the experts in your field. You can use it to create boards on your topics of interest and then add related content to the created boards. You can also identify people who add great content using this tool as well.



The secret is out, to attract as many followers as your competitors and to reach a wider audience, you have to churn out high quality, relevant and useful content. Content curation tools will help you find and share that content.


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