June 20, 2018

The Future Of VOIP By The Year 2024


You can never predict technology trends and expect to avail what you might perceive. As regulatory bodies wish to stay ahead with the emerging trends, end users are also interested in what they can anticipate in future. So, here’s what VoIP might look like in the forthcoming years.


Fast Growth & Adoption


Fast-paced growth can be closely related to VoIP solutions. However, several factors like high-broadband internet connection have to be considered. As this aspect can prevent the expansion of VoIP services, it’s certain that the VoIP industry would not progress in every area. Mobile evolution would soon become prominent and there’s would be growth in mobile VoIP.


Regulatory & Legislative Inspection


VoIP technology is no longer considered as a tool for tech-savvy individuals. In fact, in some regions, the solution has replaced PSTN based landlines when calls have to be made. As years roll by, the government is likely to enhance scrutiny and will try to regulate the VoIP industry.


Consumer Vs Enterprise VoIP


As observed in the market, consumers would be quick to upgrade to VoIP. This is because the consumers have a few requirements in comparison to enterprises. On the other hand, upgrading to a new technology can consume a lot of time and would be thought about as a long-term project. The growth would be phenomenal followed by the organizations which wish to take the advantage of VoIP solutions.


Integration with Enterprise tools


Way back, VoIP was considered as a tool to reduce costs. But, today, integration with a tool like a CRM would definitely bridge the gap between organizations and consumers. The internet connected device would be capable for making calls, no matter what might be the location.


Even if it’s a call center VoIP system, the future can be predicted as per the current observations and historical data.

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