May 28, 2018

Tips That Will Reduce Your Bounce Rates and Increase the Dwell Time


Marketing agency in London - So, you just went through the analytics, and the results are frustrating, despite trying to do right by Google. With the high bounce rates and the small dwell time, your marketing agency in London could be at risk of going under. But, should you give up just yet? Well, we don’t think so. In this article, we look at some of the strategies that boost your dwell time while reducing the bounce rates. Keep reading.


  • Get straight to the point at the top of the page


You might think that waiting until your readers have gone through the introduction section before you unveil the cake is a smart move but, it isn’t.  If you want users to read your content, push the content you need to put out to the top of the page. Let your first sentences keep the reader hooked.


  • Keep the introduction short


Having been in SME marketing for some time now, we understand that it is hard but, essential to keep the introduction short. For that, you have to spend time on the introduction. Don’t use the introduction to oversell your points.


  • Long content


And, not just long but long and in-depth content. Since it takes longer to read lengthy content, it naturally means that you will have a higher dwell time. Also, long content answers most questions.


While writing 2,000 or 4,000-word articles is tough, you have to make the content snackable. Break the content into bite-sized chunks by using subheaders. These tricks improve readability of content, increasing the dwell time.


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