May 28, 2018

Facial Masks: Why You Should Choose a Charcoal Face Mask


Facial masks with charcoal are great skincare solutions for exfoliating, treating and toning skin. They are a good skin boosting solution for anyone with oily or pigmented skin and help keep acne at bay.


Facial masks offer a time effective and cheap alternative to salon skin treatments. Riding strong on the wave of the instant facial market is the charcoal face mask. While the benefit of applying facials that contain activated charcoal has long been acknowledged, it’s only recently that a rather harsh and strong ingredient like charcoal is being infused into instant peel-off masks. The availability of ready-to-use charcoal facials has sent the users and beauty industry into a flurry of excited anticipation.


Undoubtedly facial masks containing charcoal provide a thorough cleaning of skin surface that gets rid of its surface impurities and toxins. They also get a thumbs-up for cleaning out acne-ridden surfaces without fear of triggering a breakout.


For Skin Exfoliation

Activated charcoal is an excellent exfoliating agent and usable on all skin types. A face mask with charcoal as primary component cleanly spreads over skin and forms a strong, adhesive layer. When peeled off, it takes dead skin cells out leaving behind a fresh layer of soft, supple skin. By absorbing stubborn and accumulated oxidized impurities the charcoal also detoxifies skin.


For Clearing Blackheads

Charcoal masks are effective in cleansing skin of removing blackheads from skin pores. When applied such masks quickly push out the blackheads and close large pores on the dermis. Charcoal has strongly germicidal properties so these masks can be safely applied on acne-covered skin to prevent excess oil accumulation and further formation of blackheads.


Treating Rashes and Insect Bites

Apply a charcoal facial mask over skin spots where insect bites or eruptions have led to redness and swelling. Though charcoal is a fairly mild anti-inflammatory agent it targets the poisonous toxins accumulated on insect-bitten skin, can topically remove impurities and facilitates fast track healing of skin injuries.


Reducing Acne Caused Inflammation

Oily skin is prone to acne and regular breakouts not only leave blemished spots they lead to skin irritation and inflammation. Charcoal infused masks when applied regularly removes excess oil and reduces local inflammation. Using masks having charcoal along with essentials oils of tea tree, eucalyptus or coconut can be just the skin care formula you’re looking for your acne-affected skin.


To Reduce Pigmentation

The action of reducing pigmentation when applied over skin surface is what makes activated carbon a strong contender as an active component of many face masks. Not only do charcoal masks relieve skin of itchiness and redness it lightens the skin and visibly reduces pigmentation. Frequent application can give good result in fading away pigmentation.


An Ideal Skin Toner

Skincare companies now offer charcoal facial masks tailor made to suit different skin types and desired results. Don’t just use charcoal face mask as a skin cleanser when you can get a radiant, toned skin. Charcoal masks are impressive in their skin lifting properties. A 15-20 minute application of charcoal facial can tighten wrinkles, clean and close blocked pores leaving the skin well toned.


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