May 28, 2018

Procedure To Make An Exfoliating Face Mask



The time when you are out from using the same beauty product, at that very moment you want to try something which is not only new but at the same time it must be natural so that no irritation or side effect is caused to your skin body. The best part of making the exfoliating face mask by your own is that you will be well aware of the content of the face mask. In other words, it can be said that you can ignore the ingredients that are harmful to your skin, which usually exists in the beauty products like sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil and also synthetic fragrances.


Apart from all this benefit, it is also cost-effective in nature and you will really enjoy which preparing the recipe.


Ingredients that you need

The things that you will need for the exfoliating face mask are as follows:

•    Mixer or blender

•    Oatmeal

•    1pc Papaya

After getting the above mentioned ingredient you will have to peel off the papaya and then cut it into small pieces. So soon as you get the small pieces of papaya, put it into the mixer and mix it until or unless it becomes smooth. Henceforth, blend the puree of papaya with the oatmeal in a bowl so that it becomes easy to work with. Your face mask is ready and it can be used on your face, body, neck but try to avoid making any contact with the eye and other areas which are very much sensitive.


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