June 25, 2018

Maintaining Social Relationships After Marital Separation Is Tricky But Not Impossible


You might head for a marital separation, and choose to stay away from each other for a certain time period, but your social relationships remain the same.  Being in a marital relationship not only makes you connected with each other’s families, but also with their friends. Thus, be it family or friends, you need to be in touch with the people who were with you both in thick and thin. But after separation, things might get awkward and messy to handle, but definitely not impossible.

Maintaining social relationships after marital separation is not that tough if you follow certain ground rules. Sit and talk with each other, and never split your friends and families too. Here are some tips to get through this tricky affair. Please visit this website for more info about legal separation in Vermont.


Be vocal to each other

Marrying each other is all about accepting both the friend circles and hanging out together. So, you need to discuss with your partner about attending social functions and parties and meeting your common friend groups or families.  The more you talk, the better and easier things become!

Accept some losses

During marital separations, you might end up losing some good friends, and this has to be accepted.  Though you can try to reconcile with them, nothing forced is good in the long run.

Communicate with the mutual friends

The most productive way to tackle this would be to discuss this with your mutual friends.  Ask them about their level of comfort if you both attend parties, and how are they going to mingle with you both after the separation. Being direct and transparent in these conversations is crucial.

Be flexible

You might be mired in conflicts, but be flexible too. With time, both will eventually be more comfortable sharing friends and socializing in each other’s presence, without causing any social disruption.


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