April 06, 2020

Irresponsible Behaviours All Landlords Must Refrain From


You may be the owner of a residential property, but once you have rented it out, you need to remember that you have passed the usage rights of the property to another entity that is paying you a justified amount in the form of rent, for the same. This is perhaps, the best reason why you need to mind your manners when it comes to dealing with the tenants or the property when it is still under the contract period. Please visit this site to ​​get a sample lease agreement free.

Here are 4 such irresponsible behaviours that are often forgotten by landlords leading to serious breach of residential lease agreements.

Never barge into the premises without prior notice While creating a lease agreement contract, will you have to specify your entry rights into the premises while it is still in use by the tenants. It is also imperative that you offer anywhere from 24 hours or 48 hours (or more) of notice before visiting the property. Stating the reason for visit is also essential. Barging into the property without notice is seldom tolerated.

Do not change rent before the ongoing contract expires Free rental lease agreement forms that are available through top online legal platforms are known for ease in flexibility and customizability. This does not mean you can change the terms and conditions before due time. This is not just rude, but considered breach of the ongoing contract.

Never deny tenants on the basis of their ethnicity You can refuse prospective tenants on the basis of their background especially if it contains criminal history, substance abuse etc. However, it is immoral and against the law to deny tenancy rights to otherwise qualifying renters on the basis of their skin colour / ethnicity. Mentioning ethnicity as a ground to qualify as tenant for a certain property in legal residential lease agreements can lead to legal charges against you.

Never make any verbal contracts or expect tenants to abide by the same This is wholly and solely for the protection of landlord rights. Making verbal contracts is irresponsible in every way given the fact that they are easily broken.

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