May 28, 2020
Surigao Philippines Business Directory

Surigao City Mayor Office

Surigao City Mayor Office
Location Map Surigao
8400 Surigao Philippines
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Hon. Ernesto T. Matugas
Phone: 826-0249 / 231-7201

Hon. Danilo C. Menor     Vice Mayor     086.826.8607
Hon. Romel T. Recabo     City Councilor     086.826.3623
Hon. Kent L. Yuipco     City Councilor     086.826.3011
Hon. Carlos F. Gorgod     City Councilor     086.826.1751
Hon. Jose Expeditus B. Bayana     City Councilor     086.826.3684
Hon. Luceniano E. Lancin     City Councilor     086.826.5345
Hon. Baltazar C. Abian     City Councilor     086.826.4376
Hon. Jose V. Begil, Jr.     City Councilor     086.826.5330
Hon. Christopher T. Bonite     City Councilor     086.826.0425
Hon. Peñaflor A. Laxa     City Councilor     086.826.2672
Hon. Bienvenido P. Zabala, Jr.     City Councilor     086.826.6464
Hon. Pablo A. Bonono, Jr.     Liga ng mga Barangay President     086.826.4202
Hon. Jan Claudine R. Bacolod     SK Federated President     086.826.3660


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