November 27, 2021
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love... life... and love
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Love Matters
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TOPIC: love... life... and love

love... life... and love 9 years, 5 months ago #648

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Title: Everyone rises and fall

Everyone rises and fall. Yes, I believe in that, though free as we are, still we are bound by the hand that connects all life. As we continue to exist, things become so sophisticated. Walking side by side with progress is our way of thinking that humans have the ability to provide answers to all questions. We have just simply forgotten the fact that everything rises and fall.

As we begin to ponder all things that happened as we journey in life, we realized that in some way things have their own reason in coming into our lives. For sure we don’t know yet but they just happen. For a certain time, they exist and they disappear as well.

I am neither saying that I am wise nor an enlightened one. I just write these thoughts on my mind to share my perspective in life. There is no perfect life I know, no matter how happy we are, there is still emptiness and it will always come to an end. Yet, we always hope. No matter how fragile we are, we still hope. Despite tasting the bitterness of defeat, we still stand on our ground and look forward for the greatness of tomorrow. Even if we were betrayed, we still believe for we have faith. It gives us reason to believe that one day, things will be alright. All we know for now is, everything changes. Things come and go, and people as well changes.

Some things are meant to last while some are not. Have you tried asking yourself why? Why some things don’t last? Why things were taken away from you all of a sudden? Even I don’t know the answer. Some questions are meant not to be answered at all. But they all serve a purpose in our lives.

It hurts I know but what makes it more painful is when you are being deceived by someone you special to you. This I think is the worst kind of defeat for it destroys everything. And it feels like you are alone of a sudden and you just simply don’t know where to go afterwards. It becomes so painful because we have our expectations. But I am not saying that we should be bitter. There is nothing wrong in putting our faith in someone. If we will just look at the much bigger picture, all of us are just humans capable of committing errors along the way. We should, I mean “should” accept the fact that it happened and there is nothing we can do about it no matter how hard we try. And the most painful of them all is when you realize that there is no other way than moving forward towards uncertainty.

Yet time has its own way of healing us. It teaches us to have faith once again. It inspires us to stand again after we fall. It simply reminds us to look forward for the rainbow hides behind the dark clouds.
I’ve learned a lot in my journey though I know there are still rooms for learning. I fought my own battles, and these are the reasons why I too have scars. As I look back and reminisce, time has stroke a chord about how far I have traveled and how better I am than who I was. Life has an inimitable mean of teaching us to value all sorts of things, for in a split of a second things will go out of our hands.

As we pass through in our journey, we begin to understand that not all battles in life need to be fought in order to win. Sometimes, you need to lose in order to get the answer. I guess it’s the secret way to the real goal in life- to be a better man. The serenity prayer speaks a lot about this. It reminds us to keep fighting head on yet it also reminds us that there are some things you need to accept for what they are and let go. Letting go is not a weakness; instead it is strength. It encourages us to go forward for another battle to be fought. Always getting up after you fall; I call it humility amidst pressure. This is just the way it is, some things are meant to be won and some things are meant to be lost. People come and go for they all serve a purpose. Some stay and some go away; nevertheless all of them leave a mark that will always be a part of our lives. Let’s just accept it; they help us in a way to become better persons.

Again, being better does not mean winning all things. It’s how bravely we fought when these moments come. And when we overcome it; take a look back into your past and you will see how better you have become.
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Re: love... life... and love 9 years, 5 months ago #649

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Pagka paka man ni bai imo love and life!

Kilay-an gajud kaw na expert sa love... wahahaha.... - Love God above all!

Re: love... life... and love 9 years, 5 months ago #650

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ajaw sad nan jaon bay kay masipog ta. hahaha. apir!

Re: love... life... and love 9 years, 5 months ago #651

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informative post!

nice one...

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