December 09, 2023


Trailer Instructions: Arrow Keys - Movement[D] Key - Shoot Left[F] Key - Shoo Right Abductroids is an addictive shooter game that is designed to get players hooked on a simple chaining system where each enemy you destroy creates more bullets that will destroy other enemies. Players can build long chains of enemy explosions by lining them up correctly before shooting. Movement is fast and fluid and players have the freedom of firing in either direction at any time. This intuitive control scheme ensures that players will be able to pick up and enjoy the game quickly. The game features 5 levels including an introductory tutorial and a final boss enemy. These levels were designed in order to ease the player into the game while keeping them engaged at the same time. There is also an infinitely replayable Survival Mode which will keep players coming back for more! On top of that, the game features a persistent upgrade system where players earn upgrade points from completing levels and hi-scores in survival. These points can be used to purchase upgrades for the player's weapons, extra lives, speed and other utilities. 07 - 08 - 2010 Update: Added a new music track for in-game music. So there are now two types of music, a menu music and a game play music.

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