October 26, 2020
Urgent: Wireframe Developer (Makati based)
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted 12 Sep2014
Location Metro Manila - Makati City
Company Information Glocorp IT Solutions, Inc.
Makati City
Makati City, 1231
Website: http://www.glocorpwebdesign.com
Job Description

We are currently looking for an experienced and talented UI/UX Designer to play a key role on our team. Our new UI/UX designer/developer will:

- Design highly-usable user interfaces for our web-based products
- Be able to effectively communicate and interact with stakeholders, product managers, and developers
- Be able to provide constructive feedback for existing UIs and find ways to make them better
- Be able to quickly generate design alternatives and iteratively refine storyboards, wireframes, mock-ups, and live prototypes


How to Apply fOR MORE INFO: Please send resumes at info@glocorpwebdesign.com
Email Resume To lileen.lidot@glocorpwebdesign.com

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