October 20, 2020
Urgent: OJTs for Cebu and Makati branch
Job Type Internship
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted 14 Oct2014
Location Unit 819 Tower 3 Crown Regency Hotel, Osmena Blvd. Cebu City 6000
Company Information Glocorp IT Solutions, Inc.
Unit 819 Tower 3 Crown Regency Hotel, Osmena Blvd., Cebu City
Cebu City, 6000
Website: http://www.glocorpwebdesign.com
Job Description


Our company wants to provide opportunities for students to fulfill their school\\\'s Internship requirements:


Must be a student who is required to complete OJT or on the job training hours as a school requirement (any computer related course and preferably I.T. course)
Must be a fast learner
Must be a goal- or results oriented

How to Apply For interested applicants please email resume to:
Email Resume To lileen.lidot@glocorpwebdesign.com
Contact Info HR Admin
Contact Phone: 254-0824
Contact Email: lileen.lidot@glocorpwebdesign.com

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