July 14, 2020
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted 10 Apr2012
Location LONDON UK
Company Information

Website: http://
Job Description


We are seeking a fun, energetic, responsible, organized & loving nanny, caregiver, driver, housekeeper. to join our family and take care of our lovely kids.

We need a full time, permanent nanny to work starting immediately. We want someone who is enthusiastic, affectionate and excited about being a nanny and has had experience caring for children. We are interested in someone who takes the initiative to think of developmentally appropriate and fun activities playing at the park, doing craft projects, taking them to swimming lessons, running around at the park, organizing and going on play dates with other children and engaging with them at home to encourage development and curiosity through play and reading. We also would like someone with newborn experience who feels confident with their care and also in helping them to get into a routine.  There would also be light housework as well and little baby sitting.

Accommodation and feeding will be covered by us and some other utilities.

We are willing to pay any qualified employee the sum of 650-750 pounds per week..and after 6 months it will be increased

if you are interested in this job send your photo with your CV to. howardralph01@yahoo.com

Look forward to hearing from you.

Qualifications any
How to Apply howardralph01@yahoo.com
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