October 29, 2020
Home based English Teaching Tutor Teacher
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Interviewing
Date Posted 20 Apr2017
Location Regalia Park Towers Condo. Corp. 150 P. Tuazon Ave, Cubao
Company Information Oncub
Regalia Park Towers Condo. Corp. 150 P. Tuazon Ave, Cubao
Quezon City, 1109
Website: http://oncub.ph
Job Description
Qualifications Oncub provides an online English education service for Korean students. Our goal is to give the best education service for Korean students who are eager to learn and fun to talk with in English. Our teachers work at home with their own computer and the DSL internet.

We believe it's the easiest and the most convenient way to work. Working at home is so convenient because you don't have to worry about going to an office and coming back home everyday. If you can save the time you spend on the road it could be a big benefit for you and your family. Instead of preparing yourself to go to work you may just wake up and sit in front of your computer and start working. When you have free time you may sleep or eat or talk with your family. This is not possible when you work in an office.

Oncub cares about employees the most we believe that nothing's more important than the employees. Oncub is going to make sure you will have a good income for you and your family. We are looking forward to working with you soon.

*Tool requirements*
Internet connection

*Skill set & experience requirements*
Good English speaking ability
Good communication ability in English
3-6 months relevant teaching English experience

*Working time*
5 days a week / 8 hours a day

Minimum/Starting rate is 90 pesos per hour

Salary day is every 10th and 25th

After applying you're going to receive the email and the text message regarding your interview date and time.
The interview is going to be done via Skype (We are going to email you the instruction how you can have the interview)

ONCUB Operation Team / allysa@oncub.ph
Compensation Working at home
How to Apply *How to apply*
Go to http://oncub.ph to setup your interview and to be a member of ONCUB
Email Resume To allysa@oncub.ph
Contact Info Allysa Oncub
Contact Phone: 09273949914
Contact Email: allysa@oncub.ph

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