September 29, 2023
The Best Website to Comfort you in time of Covid-19
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Date Posted 30 Apr2020
Location worldwide
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The Best Website to Comfort you in time of Covid-19


People around the world are in great depression when Covid-19 has invaded it. Many lives have been lost. Many of us have lost our jobs, leaving some of us hopeless.

Our routines have been changed too. Aside from losing the freedom we used to enjoy, most of us have to stand in line in the supermarkets and other establishments for our essentials and important transactions.

But others have more serious problems than this. If some enjoy movies in the evening, others worry about their meals, about their health, about where to stay as their houses were burned to ashes.

Problems pile up before us. Life is cruel, as they say.

But did you know that there is a website we can visit in time of crisis, in time of uncertainties?This website shares with us God’s promises that will give us hope. And you will be amazed if you know that all these sufferings and pain we go through are temporary as there is this eternal life on the paradise earth awaiting us. A place where no one will get sick, people will no longer feel pain, grow old, or die.

And the best thing is, whoever you are, whatever your belief is, you will benefit from these promises of Jehovah God.

For information and inquiries, please visit JW.ORG

You may also contact me @Whatsapp: +639058909389

Thank you very much for reading my invitation.

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