April 06, 2020

SEC to conduct seminar-workshop on campus journalism


In an effort to develop the writing skills of its campus journalists, Surigao Education Center (SEC), the only school in Surigao City certified by the International Organization for Standardization, (ISO) will conduct a two-day seminar-workshop on campus journalism on November 17-18 in Surigao City.

In a statement, Prof. Joewaren Sulima, SEC training officer said the activity aims to make the editorial staff, school paper advisers and teachers from grade school to college departments become competent and responsible campus journalists--from news data gathering, writing, to releasing of school paper on time.

Prof. Sulima also said the teachers and school paper advisers shall be able to know the current trends and issues in campus journalism in order for them to uphold the value of integrity and responsibility in writing news, opinions and events.

Further, Sulima said pupils and students would be able to fully understand their role and responsibility in campus journalism as a reliable media in school.

The school’s training officer also said students and teachers would be able to enhance and refresh their writing ability through the workshop, as well as to improve the quality of the campus paper based on the new trends and update of journalism.

Invited speakers are Provincial Information Center Managers of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) in Caraga Region.

PIA Surigao del Norte Information Center Manager Fryan E. Abkilan will discuss on News Writing while David M. Suyao, Information Center Manager of Agusan del Sur Provincial Information Center will discuss on Editorial Writing, Feature Writing and Photojournalism.

To complete the journalism activities, the participants will be trained on a computer based Layouting using Adobe InDesign CS3 software. Afterwhich, the finished product will be uploaded in a web hosting for the electronic type of document. This is one of the latest innovations in as far as quad media is concerned, producing electronic newspapers, magazines, newsletters, campus papers, and the like.

With these developments, Sulima hoped that after the training, editorial staff school paper advisers will be able to produce quality school paper as they adhere in writing balanced news, issues, opinions and events in responsible campus journalism. (PIA-Caraga)

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