April 06, 2020



Mon-Ami (real name Monique Shippen) is only 19 years old but has earned a reputation as a strong and reliable performer in the filipino community in Sydney, Australia. This is the result of many years of training and dedication towards becoming a top level performer.

Her mother Merlita  was born and brought up in Surigao Del Norte and later moved to Sydney. Mon-Ami was born in Sydney but has visited her mother's home town many times.

At fifteen, Mon-Ami began singing at Filipino community events. She began by performing in a number of concerts at the Corregidor restaurant at Rooty Hill. This included amongst others, performances with Ivy Violan and a show of her own. Some of these concerts included renditions of her own songs. She was later part of the front act for the David Pomeranz  concert in Liverpool.

She has performed in several concerts at Burwood RSL produced by Sidney Perez and was in the recent Super Showtime production of Linda Bishop. In the recent FAACES awards night she was one of the principal performers.

Mon-Ami has also sung at many filipino fiestas and community events and this year was crowned Miss Wow Blacktown.

A t the age of 14, she started her association with Erana Clarke, the former voice coach of Australian Idol and  X Factor. Erana helped Mon-Ami develop her talent for writing music and lyrics and they co-wrote some songs. 

Over the past year, Mon-Ami has composed ten new songs and recorded them at Meshach Music, the recording studio of Erana Clarke.The songs range in style from dance club music to more thought provoking songs.

Mon-Ami has just finished a music video of one of the songs “Electrifying”that was produced by Erana Clarke. It has recently been launched under the stage name Mon-Ami. She is hoping that the filipino community will support her and not only watch the Mon -Ami video but pass the word around to others.

Youtube link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofTfdowUs84

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