December 09, 2023

Bonok-Bonok Festival 2012: Fast approaching!


Bonok-Bonok Festival 2012: Fast approaching!Bonok-Bonok Festival 2012: Fast approaching!
by: Francis G. Burwell, MICO-Staff Writer

SURIGAO CITY, July 27 - As early as July 2012, 10 contingents already confirmed to join this year's Bonok-Bonok Festival. There are three (3) contingents for the Free Interpretation Category, they are: Tribu Lumad Maglalawod from Brgy. Buenavista; Municipality of Tagana-an; and Brgy. Mat-i. For the Bonok-Bonok Based Category: Hiyas Kabataan Performing Arts from Brgy. Cagniog; Cantiasay National High School from Brgy. Cantiasay; Capalayan National High School of Brgy. Capalayan; Hiyas Sibada from Brgy. Libuac; Brgy. Poctoy; Brgy. San Juan; and Brgy. Nonoc. The City Tourism Office is still open for those who want to join the said festival contest.

Moreover, through the efforts of the City Senior Tourism Operations Officer, Ms. Roselyn Armida B. Merlin and members of the Surigao City Tourism Council under the chairmanship of Mr. Richard Nick A. Amores, they assured that this year's festival will surely be different from the past year's celebrations.

SCTC emphasizes that there are additional interests during the festival that will definitely add hues and excitements to every Surigaonons as welll as to its visitors from the different part of the Philippines and the world.

To experience this one of a kind occasion, mark your calendars on the 9th day of September, Bonok-Bonok Festival, Maradjaw! Karadjaw!

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