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History of Sison



Municipality of Sison SealThe ancient name of the municipality of Sison was “Bugkusan”, which means “to tie or bind together”. The name signifies the desire of the people to unite, to blind themselves together to establish a community.

The Poblacion site was formerly located across the river with the “Mamanwas” as its original inhabitants. Later, pioneering familes from Surigao, Cebu, Leyte and Bohol. Settled along the rich agricultural lands bordering the Hinaguimitan and Hinagnoyan rivers. Banca were the means of transportation used for transporting agricultural products to the town of Surigao. With the construction of the National Highway linking Surigao to the outying southern municipalities, the Poblacion site was transferred to its present site. It was during this time the “Bugkusan” was changed to Sison in honor of Lieutenant Daniel Sison for this commendable sevice in maintaining peace and order.

Pursuant to the provision of Section 68 of the Revised Administration Code. And upon the recommendation of the Provincial Board of Surigao . The barrios of Sison, Dakung Patag, Biyabid, Mayag, Tagbayani and Mabuhay, together with their sitios, all of the municipality of Surigao, Province of Surigao del Norte, are hereby segregated from the said municipality to be known as the municipality of Sison. Through Executive Order No. 357 signed by President Carlos P. Garcia last September 15, 1959, the municipality of Sison was formally created.



Land Area: 11,241.00 has
Population: 10,046 (NCSO 2000)
Average Annual Growth Rate: 2.56
Classification: 5th Class
Political Subdivision : 12 Barangay / 52 Sitios



Location: Northeast of Mindanao
Mainland of Surigao del Norte
Adjacent to Surigao City
Region: CARAGA Administrative Region
Province: Surigao del Norte



The town of Sison is bisected by the National Highway . It is composed of rolling hills, medium-sized plains and valleys, abundant crystal-clear mountain springs, streams, brooks, rivulets, waterfalls, small lagoons, which characteristically are desirable factors for agricultural, industrial, commercial and tourism. Kanyagtiw Mountain Range is one of the highest mountain peaks in Surigao del Norte, which covers barangays of Gracepan, Mayag and Ima.




There are several tourist attraction found in Sison, like waterfalls, lagoons hot spring, mountain peak and others.


A seven-stage waterfall is the most visited natural tourist spot. It is known for its cool and refreshing area suited fo swimming. Picnics, and other passive recreational activities. It is composed of seven falls with its highest fall of 60 feet found at stage one, with its exquisite scenic view. But the best areas for swimming are found at stages four and five


One of the highest mountain peak in Surigao del Norte, located in Barangay Gacepan, Mayag and Ima, which is suited for mountaineering sports activities. Mountain Climbers are interested in the attractions found in the area like wild deers, wild pigs, tarsiers, white monkeys, eagles. Woodpecker, boobies, hawks and other wild animals.


Located in Hanagsaan River which has its therapeutic characteristic, because of its sulfuric water substance and its hot to lukewarm water.


Found in the foot of Mount Piakle, Upper Patag, would be best for boating, picnics and other passive recreational activities. Known for its crystal Clear and cool water even during hot summer.


is done every 29th day of June in honor of Saint Peter and Paul. This is a street dancing activity, depicting the cultural history of Sison, a mixture culture of Boholanos, Leytenos, Cebuanos and Surigaonos.

Other recreational facilities include the Municipal Gymnasium where indoor sports activities, cultural presentations, “disco”, “bailes”, and other social gatherings are held, and the children’s playground located in the premises of the Municipal Hall, where children could go for their recreational activities.




  • Municipal health Center – Poblacion,Sison, Surigao del Norte
  • Barangay health Stations – Located at lower Patag and Mayag


  • Two (2) terminals for singles motorized vehicles
  • Jeepney Terminal
  • Vehicles available anytime


  • Three (3) Public Calling Offices
  • Bureau of Telecom
  • PLDT
  • Philcom
  • Acces to Smart Mobile Phones
  • Post Office @ Municipal Hall


  • PNP Station @ Municipal hall
  • With CVO & BPLK in every barangay


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Photo Source: Municipality of Sison

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