December 09, 2023

Miss EARTH International 2011 will be joining Bakhaw Festival 2012


Ms EARTH International 2011 will be joining Bakhaw Festival 2012 to celebrate the benefits we have been getting from the Mangrove Forest of Del Carmen. We are very grateful to USAID-CENERGY with Ms Diwata Paredes supporting the initiative. Ms Earth winners will be doing reading sessions with children, joining the Bakhaw Food Festival and Health Summit, and other festival activities. Del Carmen now attracting even the most beautiful ladies to help us protect our environment. Let us do also our part for our own future. Mabuhay ang Bakhaw! Mabuhay ang Del Carmen!

This is the proposed rehabilitation program for the Coral Reefs of Del Carmen. We are working with the provincial government and possible donors for the said activity. On top of this, we have to also remove the crown of thorns that are now inhabiting the waters of Del Carmen and eating the corals. We hope to launch the Coral Reef Program soon. Let us all work together in ensuring our seas and corals are healthy for a sustainable food supply to our communities.



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